New Orleans House Project

Friday, February 21, 2014

Civil War Tribute Rekindled

I'm happy to say my enthusiasm for a dormant Civil War BOM project has been rekindled!
I started working on this Civil War Tribute BOM by Homestead Hearth in 2011- fabrics by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics.  Of course, other projects came along and pushed it to the back burner.

I vowed to get the project re-started this month, and I had a little outside inspiration to help me get motivated.  A Civil War photography exhibit opened this month at the New Orleans Museum of Art and I had the opportunity to view the collection this past weekend. 

The exhibit was a little overwhelming - I may have to go back just to absorb more of the images.  It was wonderful to see many of the well-known Civil War photographic images in person, but what was really moving were all the small, individual portraits of soldiers and/or their loved ones.  I spent a lot of time examining the pictures for details of daily life, especially the clothing and fabric!

So I'm currently up to block 6 out of 12 in the project.  The fabrics look kind of muddy when photographed, but in person they are full of wonderful details.  It helps that quilt historians like Barbara Brackman have helped educate us all on the history of fabric dyeing and textile printing.
One drawback to this project is that although it is called a "block of the month", in reality, the pattern calls for multiple versions of most of the blocks!
I still need to make 3 more versions each of the two blocks on the far right.  The finished quilt will measure 110"x112"; I'm not sure I have a place for a quilt that large.  I may be dreaming up some way to make two quilts from all these blocks!


  1. You've made some great progress here! Love the blocks,their design and their fabrics. Well done!

  2. I love civil war fabrics. Yours are very pretty.

  3. It will be a worthy project. The exhibit sounds wonderful.

  4. I love civil war photography, its so haunting. I'd love to see that exhibit, sound interesting.
    Your blocks looks great. Funny, a BOM with duplicate blocks.

  5. I am also restarting the Civil War Tribute quilt. I originally was buying the kits at the Olde Green Cupboard in Jacksonville, FL, but they went out of business and turned over the rest of the months kits to Homestead Hearth. I just opened the month 12 package and found a letter that the fabric for the one of the border prints had to be reprinted and they would mail it to me. I never received the fabric, yikes! I'm stumped. Homestead Hearth tells me that they don't have any more fabric and that BOM was from a 6 years ago. Does anyone know where to find any more fabric?

  6. I would dearly love to get my hands on that pattern.......NOBODY has it anymore..... Any thoughts?

    1. Marla - I would try contacting Homestead Hearth. They probably don't have any kits left, but they might be willing to sell you the pattern. Just google them, they have an online store website.

  7. How are you coming with your Civil War Tribute? I too have re-started. I fell in love with a current BOM, "Storytellers", and promised myself I would do one Civil War block for each of the Storytells blockmI do. That way, I will have two quilts finished when I'm done. I've run into the same problem with fabric. The BOM that I purchased mine from has also closed. While I do have all of the blocks -I think!- the block I'm working on did not include enough fabric for 4 -12" blocks. I have not been able to find anymore of the original 150th Anniversary fabric, I should be able to find something in my Stash that will work. If not, I will be off to the LQS to find something close. Good luck!