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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Feelin' Scrappy: Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014

Happy Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014 Saturday!   The RSC is sponsored by Angela of Soscrappy; every Saturday she hosts a link-up for challenge participants to share their projects.  It's a fun challenge that leads to all kinds of creative inspiration and new blogging friendships!  This year, Angela has added two new elements for participants:  a scrappy quilt block sampler and a monthly give-away of hand-dyed fabrics from Vicki Welsh.  Check out today's Soscrappy blog for more information and lots of inspiring scrappy quilting!

In addition to general tidying in my sewing room, I've been doing lots of prep work for scrappy quilt projects I hope to complete this year.  It was a happy coincidence Angela chose blue as this month's RSC color, as I had already planned to make a big dent in my blue scraps (and yardage) with a new leader-ender project.
I'll be making uneven 9 patch blocks and sawtooth stars in an attempt to use up some of my vast hoard stash of blue fabric.  
I recycled some bakery containers to hold the various components of each block.  I'll park these next to the sewing machine and use the components as a leader-ender project.

Since my earliest days as a quilter, I've wanted to make a Carpenter's Wheel quilt.  I decided it was time to tackle that item on my quilting bucket list, and use the RSC as a means to keep me focused.  I figure I should be able to complete one block per month, right?!  I'm using the instructions found at Bloomin' Workshop.  The diamonds are all cut, so now I just need to cut the background fabric (white) and start sewing.  The blocks will finish at 19 inches, so I should have a nice size rainbow quilt at the end of the year.

I also thought I would do some type of 9 patch or 16 patch rainbow blocks again this year, as they are such great building blocks for scrappy quilts.  Then Angela announced she would be sharing tutorials for 6 inch scrappy blocks as part of this year's RSC, and I knew I would have to join in.  I'm looking forward to her block surprises throughout the year - I'm thinking most of the blocks will be fairly quick to complete and therefore instant gratification!

Now I'm off to do a little more sewing before being pulled into NFL football playoff games!


  1. Sawtooth star! I knew that block had a name. I was just working on the same block but was calling it a goose star for lack of remembering the real name. Though I will miss seeing you happy house blocks this year, you seem to have so many wonderful projects underway. What a beautiful way to start the year.

  2. Wow, that Carpenter's Wheel is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of them.

  3. You have lots of block projects. The carpenter wheel is on my bucket list too. I love all the blocks you have made.

  4. Beautiful fabrics and excellent ideas for this year's RSC challenge.
    When I clicked on your blog link, I was hoping to see a blue house block. Not to worry. I'll enjoy watch your weekly RSC posts for colorful blocks.

  5. So many gorgeous scrappy projects...I love the Carpenter's Wheel!

  6. beautiful blocks in blue!
    Happy New Year

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  8. Glad I caught this post..I am playing along with Angela too and somehow I missed that roman stripe block! going to get to it after work!

  9. Some beautiful blocks here Angie :) Happy New Year!