New Orleans House Project

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Orange on Low Volume

The March color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is orange.  As it happens, there is a certain appreciation for the color combination of blue and orange in my family (think SEC), so I have a lively batch of orange scraps.  And during last year's RSC, I was smitten by a certain frozen confection quilt and wound up adding even more orange scraps to my stash!

I really haven't had time to get into the orange scraps yet.  I need to get a few other things wrapped up or at least off the cutting table and design wall so I can do justice to the month of orange.  Today's scrappy house is kind of low volume, just like my amount of sewing this week!

This week's house is kind of a low volume orange, too.  It makes me think of orange sherbet!  This was  kind of a cheat, as I already knew about this house.  A friend of ours lives in the downstairs apartment.  The picture doesn't really do justice to the color - it's a lovely soft orange and the trim is a dark, orangey terracotta color.  

I'm sharing my scrappy results along with the other Rainbow Scrappers at Soscrappy's blog.  There's so much creativity among the challenge participants - I really hope you'll stop by to see what everyone is doing!


  1. I think it is all your fault!!!
    that I joined this challenge---the pink and purple blocks were easy--lots of fabric in my stash for them---but---orange--
    so off to the quilt shop I went--
    and it is already stitched for this month--!!!!
    Thanks and hugs, di and miss gracie

  2. What a sweet little Happy Scrappy House block : )
    Wow. What a pretty peach color house!
    I remember the beautiful quilt in your link. I'm tempted to make one myself.

  3. I wondering if you would be able to showcase an orange house - who knew! It is pretty.

  4. Love your orange house block and the orange house that your friend lives in is wonderful looking.

  5. Your little house may be "low volume" but it shouts sweet loveliness! Love that stripe in there, and that saucy little flower - oo-la-la! Looking forward to a tour of orange houses from the Crescent!

  6. Both orange houses are so cute! I love your house postings...I was thinking it would make a really cute book!

  7. I waited until tonight to visit the scrappy dessert to end a great meal. I love your orange houses and look forward to your next quilt shop feature. I live only an hour away, but have a hard time finding my way north - but those Kaffe fabrics may deserve a vacation day.

  8. love your house block and the painted house too!

  9. I thought finding an orange house would be hard. I guess I underestimated the variety available. Lovely soft orange fabrics in your house as well. Perfect combination.

  10. Your house matches the picture so well. Thanks for the link to the pattern.... Hmmmm. That could be a good stash buster with lots of colors......... and the mind starts thinking.