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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trade Card Tuesday: A Toast with St. Nicholas

I have not seen many Victorian trade cards that feature Santa Claus (or St. Nicholas) and sewing machines.  There may be a few cards or postcards with pictures of Santa and toy sewing machines, but I just haven't seen any cards with the Jolly Old Elf and a regular machine.  Santa does show up in late 20th century ads for sewing machines - I guess we can thank Madison Avenue for convincing our loved ones we'd like appliances as Christmas gifts!

Sewing and blogging time will be almost non-existent for me over the next several days, so I'll leave you with my Christmas greeting - St. Nicholas and my namesake sharing a moment of repose over a glass of bubbly.

The card is framed, and I can't remember if there is actual advertising copy on the reverse, but I love the image!  My DH collects Santa Claus figures and images, so this card speaks to us on several levels.  If you look closely at the angel, you'll see he is holding a scythe (an image often associated with Father Time) and an hourglass is near his feet.  Perhaps the image is meant to symbolize the week of good cheer between Christmas and New Year's.  

Wishing everyone a Joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!

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