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Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge February

February's color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is green.  I started pulling fabrics yesterday evening and was somewhat surprised to find that many of my greens lean toward the yellow end of the color wheel.  One stack of fabrics tended toward lime green, another toward olive green.  I tried to pick a spectrum of greens so the blocks would look as balanced as possible.
Some of these fabrics are close to twenty years old!
I went ahead and worked out the hourglass blocks to go with the green blocks.  I don't know yet if I will group the colors together or mix them up throughout the quilt. 

You can check out lots of other Rainbow Scrappers over at SoScrappy's blog.  Lots of great ideas and creativity - it's going to be fun watching all the scrappy projects evolve over the year!


  1. Great idea - those 16 patches do look good with the hourglass blocks!

  2. Your red and green blocks look good together. I too wonder if I will have colours together or all mixed up.

  3. I love those blocks! Right now... reminds me of Christmas. The hourglass blocks really will set them off well.