New Orleans House Project

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rainbow Scrap Saturday

I have been looking forward to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge update all week!  I just finished browsing through this week's entries and I loved seeing all the creativity.

Last week I finished three 16-patch blocks using red scraps.

My plan is to add hourglass (quarter square triangle) blocks in between the 16-patch blocks to add some additional color and movement to the quilt.

This week I made one more scrappy red 16-patch and cut some quarter square triangles so I could play with the hourglass blocks.
I tried using all reds for the QSTs, but it just didn't "pop" like the white.  

I can't wait for next month's color assignment so I can continue playing with my scraps!


  1. Your red blocks are looking great. I will keep my eye open for more in this one.

  2. The hour glass blocks really do look great with the 16 patches. The white is great for contrast.

  3. This looks wonderful. I love making 16-patch and 25-patch blocks from scraps. I have a lot more to do, but haven't done red this year. I used a lot last year in 25-patch blocks!

  4. Love that! The white really does make it pop... and if you decide to make one in each color the white will tie it all together. I can't wait for next months color reveal either.....

  5. Love what you did with the hourglass blocks. I can't wait for the next color either.

  6. Very nice it looks good - you're right the white makes it pop!!!!