New Orleans House Project

Friday, January 16, 2015

Hand Stitching to Stay Sane!

My house has been torn up for the past two weeks while some long-postponed repairs and remodeling were done.  We needed to update the lighting in our kitchen, which necessitated some drywall installation.  While the contractor was working with drywall, we also needed to have some repairs done in the great room where water leaking around the chimney damaged the ceiling and wall.  On top of that, the shower plumbing in our bathroom also needed repair/upgrading.  Since the bathroom was going to be torn up anyway, we pulled out the bathtub and had a walk-in shower installed, along with new cabinets and counter top. Between the drywall dust and construction noise, it's been a long two weeks!

Fortunately, I was able to use some hand stitching to help me keep my sanity. 

I started this mini eagle quilt last July, as a kick-off to the Quilt Like An Eagle Quilt Along.   I thought it would be a quick project, but it wound up taking more time than I ever expected.  This week gave me the opportunity to finish the quilting and binding.  The fabrics are all scraps from Minick & Simpson's Paisley Parade.  The Paisley Parade quilt also needs some hand-stitching love - the binding is attached and just needs to be stitched to the back - it's definitely next in the queue!

Tomorrow I have lots of cleaning to do - there's drywall dust inside my kitchen cabinets! - but tonight I think I'll relax and enjoy some more hand stitching time.


  1. LOVE your little appetizer! Very sweet.:) I feel much sympathy for you as my bathroom has been tore apart since a week before Christmas. Hoping the end result will all be worth it!

  2. Oh dear, sounds like quite a mess. Think of how nice it will be when everything is fixed and put back to rights again. Glad you had some stitching for your sanity.

  3. I love those reds and blue, but oh ... drywall dust!!

  4. Ugh... don't you just hate dry wall dust?!? It gets in everything.
    Hope that quilting helps you stay sane!

  5. dry wall is the worst!! It will be worth it, but I know how it.
    What a great mini eagle quilt!

  6. Yikes, remodeling is very stressful! Handwork is the perfect choice to help with the stress. Congrats on the finish!