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Sunday, September 15, 2013

New: Project & App

I don't blog from my iPad with great frequency, but it's a nice option to have.  I recently updated my iPad blogging app and had an epic fail when I tried to blog while traveling.  Today's post is an effort to overcome iPad blogging obstacles.

Here is my latest sewing project at the camp.  It's a Mary Engelbreit kit from Moda that I bought several years ago to make for a friend.  I didn't think it had been in the queue THAT long, but when I started working on the project I noticed the date 2007 on the selvedge!  The good news is this will be a quick project, although I am contemplating hand quilting.


  1. It's a sweet project! I check my blog posts with my iPad but have never written and published yet. What app do you use?

  2. cute project. I used to be an absolute Mary fanatic - and I still love her stuff! Your friend will love it I'm sure.

  3. Very cute. Some hand stitching will look lovely on there.

  4. Aah it is cute and I know what you mean about using your ipad to blog, so im really impressed you could put a photo on!!


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