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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Flamingos and Football

It's football season again in the U.S.  

I was never a huge football fan, until my sons got old enough to appreciate the sport.  They both played football for a few years in school, and developed a love of the game that persists to this day.  My hubby was a life-long fan, so I had to learn to love the game in self-defense.  

Now it's a given that my family will gather together for any opportunity to watch football on television - be it college or professional.  That means I need stitching projects to keep my hands busy during the games!

Just as the season was getting started I realized I had run out of flamingo hexies to hand-stitch.

I started making these hexies about a year and a half ago, using Barb Vedder's Hex Vex pattern.  It's been a great adventure in fussy cutting!  Just when I think I've run out of ideas for fussy cut blocks, I'll get a new inspiration.

I've been taking stock of my completed blocks and thinking about what styles and colors I need to make a nicely balanced finished quilt.  These hexies are all created from three 60º diamond shapes.

Inspired by Cathy's All Creatures Great and Small, I added some hexies made from equilateral triangles.

It helps to have some plain (not pieced) hexies in the mix, too.

The hexie stars are probably the most satisfying block for fabric play.  They've got the most pieces/seams, but they're so much fun!

I've been doing a lot of cutting and playing this weekend, so now I've got a stack of block components that should keep me busy for at least part of football season!  (Haha - if I run out of hexies, I've always got quilt bindings that need to be hand-stitched!)

Are you still reading?  You must like flamingos!  I've been collecting them for many years, so I'm attuned to all things flamingo.
You can imagine how tickled I was to receive this picture from my youngest son this week.  I'm glad to see he doesn't fall far from the tree!


  1. What a handsome son you have and he clearly gets his impeccable taste from his momma!

  2. I’ll second what Diane said about your son, LOL!! And those flamingo hexies..... I’ve been lusting after those fabrics and colors from the time you started this project! It is beyond eye candy for me - it’s flamingo crack!! It’s going to be an awesome quilt!

  3. Love all those flamingos. You should get a lot done this fall. Lots of football.

  4. Just lovely Flamingo hexagons--your colors are so inviting...hugs, Julierose

  5. squeal! these blocks are so so great! are you in my FB group: Fun With Barb? If not, may I post them?
    I was a HS football cheerleader but have fallen away from being a fan as I live in a state with no team.

  6. Love those flamingo fabrics! I'm not much for football, but I'll bet it's fun to watch with all that color in your hands! Love your son's shirt.

  7. Oh joy! Way to go on the hexies! Glad to see you back at them.

    My sister collects all things flamingo. Wonder what that says about you two.

    Handsome son. Looks like he has good taste in shirts.

  8. I agree with Cathy, a good taste in shirts, and handsome too.

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  10. I 'heart' flamingos, too! Kind of goes along with the Airstream, although no one really knows why.

    Those fabrics in your hexies are just Lilly P and I ADORE all things Lilly P :)

  11. Oh my....your flamingos are very fun in these hexies ! Great idea !
    And I love a lot the combo green/pink ! It sparkles !

  12. Lil!! Your son looks like he's quite a character. Fun shirt, too!!

  13. Gorgeous hexies! And your sons shirt is great fun too!