New Orleans House Project

Monday, January 13, 2014


You know those days where you just can't seem to stay focused on one project?  I call it creative distraction.  Or maybe it's just Creative Attention Deficit Disorder!

I started yesterday morning catching up on some blog reading, and was inspired by Amy's Maverick Stars and Angela's comment/suggestion to make the star centers from crumbs.  The little lightbulb in my head started flashin'!  
Off to the sewing room to start some blue crumbs.  

It didn't take me long to feel guilty, though, because I knew I should be working on these lovely circles: 
This is an interesting technique for flower petals.  I need to stitch 27 circles using the green dot fabric.  The circles are then cut in half and turned right side out to make 54 petals.
The petals are the next border on this Mary Engelbreit wallhanging; they'll be stitched on similar to prairie points.  This will be a gift for a dear friend who loves Mary Engelbreit.  I really need to get 'er done - this kit has been hanging around since 2007!

These little distractions have been sitting on the cutting table all week.  I found them hiding in a drawer, and remembered Bonnie Hunter had posted instructions for a spool pin doily.  My brain was saying, "perfect Slow Sunday Stitching project - if only you can find the right size crochet hook - I know there's one around here somewhere!"

And then there were further distractions, although they weren't all that creative:  laundry, groceries, making dinner.  Sunday is family dinner night - our oldest son usually comes for dinner - so that was another distraction.  After dinner we watched "Sherlock" via Netflix using my new Chromecast gadget.  Good distractions, but no sewing or crocheting was accomplished.

Some days you just have to roll with the distractions and take your creative satisfaction where 'ye may!


  1. All of your distractions sound lovely. So much better to be pulled away in so many great directions at the same time than to have to focus on something boring or unpleasant.

  2. Oh I like that 'Creative Attention Deficit Disorder! So True.:) Great idea for your star centers!

  3. My middle name is Distraction. LOL. I can never still enough to do much on any project and I flit around like a gadfly. I'd love to make one of those spool pin doilies Bonnie has talked about, but I don't crochet. Must find someone who does and beg.

  4. Lots of distractions also means lots of great projects! Have fun!