New Orleans House Project

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Fabric (and other) Therapy - Week Two

It's been another week of Fabric Therapy and social distancing.  

New Orleans is pretty shut down now - just about the only things open are grocery stores, pharmacies, and health care providers.  We are the hot spot in the state of Louisiana for COVID-19 infections and deaths.  Last night the mayor issued a Shelter in Place order, but the rules aren't that much different from what most of us are already doing.  

My Dear Husband is on call this weekend, so I decided to head to our camp in Mississippi to do a little spring cleaning.  I've been doing a real deep cleaning, plus re-organizing closets and cabinets; thinning out stuff that never gets used, etc.  I turned on Radio Margaritaville to keep me motivated - happy music and escapism!

I discovered a four-pack of these in the refrigerator while I was cleaning.  We must have purchased them last summer and forgotten about them.  I enjoyed one as I was cleaning, and between the ginger beer and Radio Margaritaville, I had a mini Caribbean vacation.  These are non-alcoholic, but with a little rum, they'd make a great Dark and Stormy!

I wanted to take my English Garden quilt outside for some photographs today. but it's been overcast and raining off and on.  Instead, I put my quilt rack to work and opened all the binds and curtains for as much daylight as possible.  Dear Husband made this quilt display rack several years ago.

My local LAQ, Cindy Braiwick, had a fun time with the quilting.  I tried to photograph her efforts, but the lighting and busy fabric weren't helpful.  She used lots of rose/flower designs, including individual flowers and buds in the background areas of the Sawtooth Star blocks.

Label attached.  I started this quilt in the spring of 2005.  Fifteen years later, I'm loving it!

My binge-watching this week has been Outlander, Seasons 2 and 3.  Not really enjoying Season 3 so far, but I think I'm only on Episode 3.

While binge-watching, I stitched up block 2 of Barbara Brackman's Civil War appliqué BOM:  Cassandra's Circle.  This block is Mulberry Wreath.  I had fun doing the fussy cutting.

And that's the news that's fit to print for now.  I hope everyone continues to stay safe and find helpful coping mechanisms for this stressful time.  Virtual hugs to everyone!


  1. Congratulations on a lovely quilt finish, Angie!!

  2. Terrific finish - I have projects I've wanted to photo outdoors but our weather has been damp and gray and rainy so I've stuck with indoor photos. We are under emergency and civil declarations with more businesses being closed daily. I'm glad we're homebodies at heart. I feel for folks who don't like to read or don't know how to cook.

  3. We are also shelter in place, but in Illinois, against the WHO recommendations, you can still get pot & liquor (WHO says to not smoke or very limited drinking, but are discouraged from going outdoors (we need exercise according to WHO & fresh air) and they also closed all the state parks. Stay safe. Nice quilt. She did do nice quilting on it.

  4. The fabrics in the applique block make for lots of eye appeal. Good choice and stitched oh so nice.

  5. What fun finding some hidden treats! I do love ginger beer. Your English Garden is gorgeous and so is you Cassandra block. I LOVE your fussy cutting!

  6. It is great to work/clean to fun good music. We are watching the U.S. news carefully and it's sort of unreal that things in Japan are so relaxed by comparison. Your Garden quilt is so pretty.

  7. What a nice Finally Finished to show off and enjoy! Quilt ON!

  8. Your mulberry leaf block looks wonderful! I had to laugh at the 'news that is fit to print'. Oh yeah. I think we're all just sort of coping the best we can and I for one and delighted that I have lots of fabric in hand for the next days and weeks of therapy time.:)