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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Slow Sunday Stitching on the Porch

I have been industriously practicing my back-basting applique technique this week.  I have steadily improved my technique, and as the technique improved I found myself enjoying the process more and more.  I've been using upholstery thread for my basting; I don't know if that has helped by making the fabric perforations more visible and amenable to needle-turn applique, but I'm happier with the results.
Here's the completed flower from last Sunday's entry on back-basting.  I was inspired to keep practicing, so I chose another project from the back-basting technique book I've been using. 

This is one panel of three which will be a wall hanging.  I'll be adding a green bird and a purple bird, plus dog-tooth borders.  So far, I'm really enjoying the process!

I had the pleasure of some Slow Sunday Stitching on the porch at our camp today.  A lovely rainstorm popped up and made the outdoor temperature bearable.  I grabbed my portable Ott light to make up for the low light due to the storm.  I love stitching here, as I can watch the birds (we have about 5 feeders in sight of the porch), sip my coffee and just generally enjoy the opportunity to be outdoors! 

Kathy asked about long-term hand-stitching projects this week.  I truly don't mind long-term projects, and I get great satisfaction from finishing something, especially if there has been some challenge in terms of difficulty or new technique.  My only problem is staying focused on a long-term project.  Case in point, a hexie quilt project I inherited from my maternal grandmother.  I always say this is the year I'll finish it, but it always seems to get eclipsed by other, newer projects.  You can read more about it here - a Slow Sunday Stitching entry from almost a year ago! 

I'm linking up with a host of others who enjoy long-term projects over at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.



  1. Your applique is looking great! I love the bird. Just keep going.

  2. I need to practice more applique too. Nice to hear how you like the back basting technique. I've always been meaning to try it but never get around to it. Your applique looks great to me. It looks like you take much tinier stitches than I do. I need to practice that also.

  3. Oh that little tulip looks so cute! i have yet to try back basting applique... looks wonderful in your blocks...sounds like you had a restful afternoon. Us, not so much with our frantic Miss Libby thinking there were deer everywhere!! ;--000 hugs, Julierose

  4. Your applique is really pretty. Enjoy your practicing. Someday I will attempt this beautiful technique.

  5. The applique looks great... that branch must have been hard to stitch?
    The Hexie project is awesome... hope it gets to come out and play more!
    What a perfect location for hand stitching... paradise!

  6. That porch looks like the perfect spot to do some slow stitching. This time of year in AZ we stay inside..but I miss porch sitting in summer!

  7. Your applique is looking wonderful. I agree that it's hard to stay focused on the long term projects with all the other ideas that bubble up and get in the way!